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Growth and Development (PDF)
Growth and Development (PDF)
The Growth and Development of Quaker Testimony is a ‘must’ for anybody, including police and military personnel, who practice dispute resolution, mediation and other forms of peace-making and peace-building. Through interviews with over 40 people we learn what motivates them in these tasks and about their workable measures for making our world a more peaceful place. We experience their use of Quaker beliefs and processes, themselves universal in application, and how these came under much testing and stress in various militarised environments worldwide, e.g. Apartheid South Africa.
Stillness Front Cover

Buy this book: Stillness addresses our principal life-experiences in 36 meditations each headed by a corresponding quotation from one of the world’s belief systems. It is especially helpful for anyone wanting to explore their relationship with God either individually, in groups and/or when partaking in spiritual counselling/direction. Originally published in 1994, Stillness has been enjoyed worldwide. This new edition contains a short glossary, one-line biographies of people mentioned, two outlines for workshops on stillness including the introduction of stillness to young people, and an updated reading list.



Buy this Book: The Early Quakers and the ‘Kingdom of God' (2012). This book details the 17th century Quaker commitment unto death to the ‘Kingdom’ of God, a commitment that mirrored Jesus’ own. From their dynamic, revolutionary witness we learn of the centrality of the ‘Kingdom’ in unveiling the Inward Christ residing in all people. This ‘Kingdom’ gifts us with a common language of the Spirit, fostering healthy, peaceful relationships in general and harmony within today’s Religious Society of Friends and other organisations.

Buy this Book (Australian and New Zealand buyers). Buy this Book (UK, European and other buyers). Buy this Book (North American Buyers). What Love Can Do describes various key aspects of the 'Kingdom’ of God or 'The Way' for today's fractured world. Those who want an exciting, visionary, down-to-earth theology and/or have suffered at the hands of the Church and non-religious ideologies, will find consolation, meaning, direction and purpose in this book. It is ideal for personal reflection, group discussion, course leaders and their participants, theological students and spiritual counsellors/directors.