What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality embraces the passion and inspiration that come from within us all, and connects us to other people and the non-human world. It embodies the fundamental forces of life that motivate the growth of love and compassion and the way these are practised daily. It involves loving with wonder. As a lived experience, spirituality takes account of our emotions, connections, work and leisure—everything that is meaningful, purposive, creative and challenging. It is natural to all of us like our breath or heartbeat.

Everyone has spiritual needs. So, if you have a desire to:

  • Experience God more deeply through contemplative prayer,
  • Integrate spirituality into your daily activities,
  • Grow in self-knowledge, confidence, simplicity and love of life,
  • Explore life’s questions and challenges,
  • Engage in a journey of spiritual discovery, possibility and insight,
  • Deepen your reverence for the dignity, human rights and gifts of all people and our planet, and to
  • Move from inner contemplation to action, then . . .

Spiritual Companionship may be right for you.